Asthma and Allergies

Asthma and Allergies


Use the resources from the Asthma and Allergies student esheet to answer the questions on this sheet.

Part One
Your Immune System
What is the role of the immune system?


Describe the composition of the immune system.


What are some problems of the immune system?


Learning about Allergies
What is an allergy?


Describe the immune system’s role in allergies.


What are some differences between a cold and allergies?


How are allergies treated?


Describe what happens during an asthma flare-up.


What is one difference between asthma and a cold?


What are some causes of an asthma flare-up?


How is asthma treated?


Do Allergies Cause Asthma?
Describe the connection between allergies and asthma.


Part Two:
Asthma and Allergies: The Science Inside
How common is asthma?


How common are allergies?


What is a “trigger”? What are some common triggers?


What is an “allergen”? What are some common allergens?

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