One way to study changes in a given area of an ecosystem is to set up a transect. Use this sheet to help you figure out how you and your lab group could apply what you learned from Ricky’s Atlas to help you set up a transect-based monitoring program on your school grounds, school forest, school prairie, etc.

1.  In Ricky’s Atlas, fire was one physical condition that changed the ponderosa pine forest. What physical environmental condition are you interested in recording in your area?



2.  In Ricky’s Atlas, transects were used as a tool to monitor the biological response to fire. How will you plan on using a transect or transects on your school grounds to monitor the biological response to your physical condition of choice?



3.  What kinds of data would you like to collect along your transect(s)?



4.  What kinds of biological changes would you predict you will find after monitoring your transects?




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