Apollo 11

Apollo 11


Use this sheet to help you research one of the behind-the-scenes members of the Apollo 11 mission. Use the resources on the Team Moon esheet to help you with your research.

What website(s) did you use to find your information? _________________________________

Name of person working on the Apollo 11 mission ____________________________________

Name of the team/group the person was part of ________________________________________

How did he/she come to work on this mission?



What was this person’s main responsibility on the mission?



What were a few of the problems the person faced in accomplishing his/her job?



What were some of the design constraints?



What redundancies did the person have to use to make his/her product safe for space travel?



How did he/she test the product?



If something went wrong with his/her product, what would be the outcome? What were some of the risks involved?



Did the person attack his/her problem in a creative way? How?



What was the outcome of the testing? How was the product used on the mission?



Did this team member have to use basic scientific knowledge to solve a technological problem? If so, how?



What setbacks did the person experience during development of his/her particular contribution, and how were they overcome?



How closely did the person work with other team members, and were there problems of communication (personality clashes, bureaucratic obstacles, etc.)?



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