Animals by the Numbers Assessment

Animals by the Numbers Assessment


Now that students have had practice creating an infographic to display information about an animal group, they should take what they've learned and use it to develop an infographic that explores two interesting facts about a scientific topic.

Assessment Activity

Students will create an infographic to explore two interesting facts about a topic. This topic can be a scientific topic or anything that is of interest to the student.

How students should be assessed:

  • Quality of the infographic: Is the graph clearly labeled? Is the source of the information credible?
  • Are the exploration topics clearly identified?
  • Is the infographic colorful? Does it look like the student put in effort? Is it engaging?
  • Has the student given any reasoning into the “why"?


Topic:  Meat

Define what is included in the "meat" group: lamb, beef, chicken, pork

Sample exploration topics to cover:

  • compare the amount of meat consumed in the USA vs world, individual state vs USA
  • what types of meat are consumed, can be visualized as a size approximation
  • nutritional properties of different types of meats
This teacher sheet is a part of the Animals by the Numbers lesson.

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