Animals of the Bay

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You should investigate living organisms that reside in the submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV) of a bay area. You will present your findings to the class, as well as add a visual of your organism to a class food web.

These questions should be addressed in your research and presentation

  • What is the common and scientific name of the animal?


  • Describe the specific habitat of the animal.


  • What does this animal eat? Classify it as an omnivore, herbivore or carnivore.


  • What animals may eat this animal to survive? That is, what are predators of this animal?


  • Describe the status of the animal (e.g., abundant, endangered or threatened).


  • What other interesting facts did you find out about this animal?


  • Create a food chain including this animal (using words and arrows only).



In addition, create a picture of this animal to be used in the class food web. You may use technology or draw it by hand.



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