All About Lying (Honest!) Teacher Sheet

All About Lying (Honest!) Teacher Sheet


Students should answer these questions based on what they learned from the All About Lying (Honest!) resource.

1. What types of people lie?
Everyone lies—lying is common and universal.

2. What unique human communication ability makes lying possible?
Empathy, or the ability to take others’ points of view into account, makes lying possible.

3. What is the difference between lying and deception, such as plant camouflage?
Conscious awareness is the difference.

4. What are some negative effects of lying in society?
One negative effect is that lying can make people unable to trust each other and so make society unstable.

5. Why is it hard for people to recognize liars?
We tend to believe other people more than distrust them.

6. What happens to people physically when they lie?
They experience increased heart and breathing rates, sweating, fidgeting, stuttering, irregular movements, less blinking, head scratching, and avoidance of eye contact.

7. Why might the results of a polygraph test not be accurate?
The testing situation can make people nervous and throw off the results.

8. What other methods are used to detect lying?
Thermal imaging and brain fingerprints are other methods.

9 What three areas should you focus on in trying to detect a liar?
You should focus on the person’s words, facial expressions, and body movements.)

10. What are some signs of lying?
Verbal signs include long pauses, stuttering, slow speech, high pitch, logical order, few details, less information, more structure, and logical story order. Facial signs include mismatch between the emotion in the person’s words and what shows on his or her face, and hiding or showing no emotion. Body signs include nervous movements, foot tapping, fist clenching, looking someone right in the eye, physical restraint, and deep breathing.

11. What are “true lies” and why do they make understanding and detecting lying so difficult?
True lies are lies people have convinced themselves are true. Because the people telling them believe them, it becomes hard to agree on the truth.

This teacher sheet is a part of the Lying lesson.

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