All About Lying (Honest!) Student Sheet

All About Lying (Honest!) Student Sheet


Answer these questions based on what you learned from the All About Lying (Honest!) resource.

1. What types of people lie?



2. What unique human communication ability makes lying possible?



3. What is the difference between lying and deception, such as plant camouflage?



4. What are some negative effects of lying in society?



5. Why is it hard for people to recognize liars?



6. What happens to people physically when they lie?



7. Why might the results of a polygraph test not be accurate?



8. What other methods are used to detect lying?



9. What areas should you focus on in trying to detect a liar?



10. What are some signs of lying?



11. What are “true lies” and why do they make understanding and detecting lying so difficult?



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