Alcohol and Its Effects on Organs

Alcohol and Its Effects on Organs


Use the resources on the Alcohol and Its Effects on Organs student esheet to help you develop your presentation.

Body System Presentation Project
Your teacher has assigned your group a body system. The job for your half of the group is to develop a presentation about that body system. Use the questions on this sheet to help you prepare your presentation, which can be in the form of a PowerPoint slide show, a video, or a poster display.

What organs are in the body system?


What is their function?


How do the different organs work together?


What impact does alcohol have on the system?


Which organs in the body does alcohol affect?


How do you think the impact of alcohol on the system you have been studying affects other systems in the body?


Impairments to Body System Project
The job for your half of the group is to look at how impairments to the body system you’ve been assigned can affect an individual’s life. For example, you could consider what happens if overdrinking causes a young person to pass out or get sick to his/her stomach. What ramifications could such problems have over the short and long term?

To express these ideas, develop a fictional story or draw a series of pictures describing how one night of drinking too much alcohol could result in several days of problems (i.e., getting in trouble with parents, missing school, or doing poorly on an exam).


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