African American Scientists

African American Scientists Image Credit: NASA - JSC


For this assignment, you will prepare a poster on an African American scientist. In order to do your poster, you will need to research your subject. Look for personal and historical information about the place and time this person lived and worked. Gather facts about the field of science this person succeeded in. Keep in mind that you will use this information to present your scientist to the class. Answer the questions below and turn this student sheet in to your teacher along with your poster.

Who is the scientist you have selected?


Why did you select this person?


What did this person contribute to the world of science?


What time period in history did this person live? How did the time and place affect his/her


Did this person have to overcome any obstacles in his or her career? Did any of these obstacles have to do with race?


List any websites that you have used for your poster research:


List any books or articles that you have used for your poster research:


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