Adventures in Energy

Adventures in Energy Photo Credit: Clipart.com


See how oil and natural gas have changed how we live as a society. Use the Adventures in Energy
(http://www.adventuresinenergy.org/main.swf) website to answer these questions.

Oil and Natural Gas in Your Life
What are oil and natural gas used for?



What are some of the products that are made with oil?



Our society has become so dependant on oil. What would be different in your life if there were no
petroleum products?



Do you know where oil and natural gas come from and how they get to us?



What are Oil and Natural Gas?
How do we find clues for oil and natural gas sources from the sky?



How does technology play a role on the ground in finding clues that there might be oil and gas



What are the benefits of technologies used off-site and on-site when searching for oil and natural



Transporting Oil to the Refinery
How is technology responsible for influencing transportation where oil is concerned?



How is the technology of communications and information processing used where oil is



Do you think oil is easily transported? Explain your answer.



How have modern day tankers helped reduce costs in obtaining oil?



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