5 Habits for Healthy Skin

5 Habits for Healthy Skin


In this part of the lesson, you should read the "5 Habits for Healthy Skin" article on the MayoClinic site and then use the information to help you answer the questions about the healthy skin habit you've been assigned.

Habit #1 — Protect Yourself from the Sun
1. What is the best way to keep your skin healthy?



2. What kind of damage can ultraviolet light do to your skin?



3. What three habits can provide complete skin protection from the sun?



4. When are the sun’s rays most damaging?



5. How often should you apply sunscreen?



Habit #2 — Don’t Smoke
1. What types of damage can smoking do to your skin?



2. How long does a person have to smoke before it affects his or her skin?



3. What are some other reasons it is a bad idea to smoke?



Habit #3 — Wash Your Skin Gently
1. Why is it a good idea to wash with warm water and to limit your bath time?



2. What are the best kinds of soaps to use?



3. Why should people with sensitive skin avoid perfumes or dyes?



4. What should females use to remove eye makeup?



5. Why is it a good idea to gently pat your skin dry after a shower?



Habit #4 — Moisturize Regularly
1. What do moisturizers do?



2. What factors determine the kind of moisturizer you should use?



3. How can you determine if your skin needs a moisturizer?



4. What minimum sun protection factor (SPF) should your moisturizer have?



5. What should you keep in mind if your skin is sensitive? Very dry? Oily?



Habit #5 — Shave Carefully
1. What kind of skin is especially prone to skin irritations from shaving?



2. Why should you use a warm wash cloth on your skin before you shave?



3. Why is it a good idea to apply cream, gel, or lotion before you shave?



4. In what direction should you shave?



5. If your skin becomes irritated from shaving, what should you do?



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