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  • Make a Mission 

    Afterschool Resource

    This activity introduces kids to the MESSENGER Mission to the planet Mercury. The engineers who designed the spacecraft and the instrument payload had to consider function, space (or volume), and cost. In this online interactive, your kids will have the chance to try to fit all the critical equipment into the cargo bay of a spacecraft by taking into account space and cost constraints.

  • Gravity Launch 

    Afterschool Resource

    There are a lot of challenges with space flight. One is simply getting the rocket off the ground. This is because the thrust to launch a rocket has to work against the force of gravity. So, there are two forces at play in this game: earth’s gravitational pull and thrust. Your kids will play with a computer interactive that demonstrates these two forces in action.

  • Marble Mania 

    Afterschool Resource

    Introduce your kids to probability and chance with a fun interactive. By flipping coins and pulling marbles out of a virtual bag, students begin to develop a basic understanding of probabilities, how they are determined, and how the outcome of an experiment can be affected by the number of times it is conducted.

  • A Touch of Class 

    Afterschool Resource

    Scientists classify organisms in many different ways. For instance, animals can be classified by where they live, by what they eat, and by their body structure. In this activity, students will come up with their own classification schemes, and then use an online interactive to choose plants and animals that fit into different categories.

  • All Systems Go! 

    Afterschool Resource

    Kids are aware of many parts of the body—organs, bones, blood, etc. Through this online interactive activity, kids learn about the concept of separate body parts working together to build a body system. A system is a collection of things and processes (and often people) that interact to perform some function. Help your kids explore the inside of the human body with this activity.

  • Cicada Invasion 


    In this lesson, students will consider how periodical cicadas survive well in a particular environment due to the species’ life cycle.

  • Models of the Water Cycle 


    In this lesson, students develop an understanding of the water cycle by building and evaluating two different physical models.

  • Lunar Cycle  


    This lesson offers activity ideas and discussion questions to facilitate students' learning about the phases of the Moon.

  • My Senses Tell Me... 


    In this lesson, students learn about how their five senses help them gather information from the world around them.

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