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  • Sensational Sound 

    Afterschool Resource

    Sound travels—not just through air, but through liquids and solids, too. Your group will listen to a hanger clanged against a table. Then they’ll put their ear to something attached to the hanger to realize that the clanging sound travels through solids, too.

  • Gravity Launch 

    Afterschool Resource

    There are a lot of challenges with space flight. One is simply getting the rocket off the ground. This is because the thrust to launch a rocket has to work against the force of gravity. So, there are two forces at play in this game: earth’s gravitational pull and thrust. Your kids will play with a computer interactive that demonstrates these two forces in action.

  • Falling for Gravity 

    Afterschool Resource

    Your group will watch various objects (pens, pennies, erasers, etc.) fall from the same height to see if they reach the ground at the same time. They also will roll marbles down an inclined plane to see if they reach the bottom at the same time.

  • Geyser Riser 

    Afterschool Resource

    In this experiment, your group will create pressure in a bottle to reenact one of the special conditions under which a geyser erupts. A geyser is a hot spring that shoots a column of hot water into the air. Your group will make a model geyser using liquid soap, a bottle, and Alka-Seltzer® tablets.

  • Cool Idea 

    Afterschool Resource

    Water and salt can make for some great basic chemistry activities. Your group will see what happens to water and ice when a little salt gets thrown into the mix. Note: part of this activity shows results one day later. As an alternative, you can have the kids prepare the cups of water ahead of time, perhaps at the end of the day before you do this activity (see steps 3 and 4 below).

  • 2017 in Review: Top Resources 

    2017 is nearing its end. See what resources were most popular on Science NetLinks this year and find out which resources our staff recommend.

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