The Science of Spring Campaign

Welcome to the Science NetLinks Science of Spring campaign. We'd like to invite you and your students to join us as we explore the different stages a plant goes through from seed to maturity.

To accompany our interactive student website, The Science of Spring, we are inviting elementary-school educators and afterschool coordinators to have their classes take part in an activity that combines hands-on and interactive components. By participating, students will learn more about plants and how they grow.

What Do I Get?
Sign up to participate and we'll send you several packets of blue lake bush beans (each of which contain approximately 10-18 seeds) to plant with your students. You will also receive 25 copies of the Science of Spring Activity Sheet, which provides activities, questions, and instructions on how to plant seeds and watch them grow. (Should you need more sheets, please feel free to print additional copies.)

What Do I Have To Do?
In addition to agreeing to plant seeds with your class or group, signing up also means you'll work with your students to explore The Science of Spring and to upload photos and updates on their plants' growth to the site.

How Do I Sign Up?
Drop us a line to let us know your:

  • Name
  • School (or afterschool group) affiliation
  • Address
  • Number of students

We will send you a packet so you can get your spring planting under way.

Happy gardening!