Science Updates

  • Like-Minded Media

    Like-Minded Media 

    A research study indicates that when it comes to news media, people prefer to look at information that reinforces their own beliefs.

  • Birdsong and Climate

    Birdsong and Climate 

    In this Science Update, you can learn how birds that live in more variable climates sing more sophisticated songs.

  • Life Light

    Life Light 

    Hear about how scientists attempt to detect the presence of extraterrestrial life from a great distance.

  • Sports Drinks

    Sports Drinks 

    The acidity in sports drinks wears down tooth enamel—and brushing can worsen the problem.

  • Instant Immunity

    Instant Immunity 

    Hear about a technique that creates all-purpose antibodies that can be activated at a moment's notice.

  • Giant Snake

    Giant Snake 

    A collection of vertebrae, or spinal bones, in modern-day Colombia led Bloch's team to make an inference about the climate in the prehistoric tropics.

  • Server Naps

    Server Naps 

    In this Science Update, find out if programming big computer servers to shut on and off in fractions of a second could save huge amounts of power.

  • Polarized Mirages

    Polarized Mirages 

    In this Science Update, learn why polarized light from shiny surfaces looks like water to insects.

  • Talking & Driving

    Talking & Driving 

    Several studies have found that hands-free cell phones affect drivers just as much as hand-held models.

  • Fish Food

    Fish Food 

    In this Science Update learn about how eating more small fish might actually help to protect their populations.

  • Thoreau's Plants

    Thoreau's Plants 

    In this Science Update, hear how researches are using Henry David Thoreau's plant journals to study climate change.

  • Atmospheric Aspirin

    Atmospheric Aspirin 

    When people feel stressed, their hearts start beating fast, they breathe harder, and their stomach ties in knots. But what happens when trees get stressed? You can find out in this Science Update.

  • Sniffing Out Cancer

    Sniffing Out Cancer 

    A previous Science Update examined how dogs can detect cancer with their noses. Now those dogs have inspired new technology that tests for skin cancer based on odorants given off by the skin.

  • SIDS & Serotonin

    SIDS & Serotonin 

    In this Science Update, found out about animal experiments that point to a possible cause of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

  • Ascending Plants

    Ascending Plants 

    As climate change heats up the world's ecosystems, many species of plants and animals, from songbirds to whales, are leaving their time-tested home ecosystems for uncharted territory. This Science Update looks at how some plants are changing altitude to find a cooler place to live.

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Science Updates are 60-second radio programs presenting current science research, which we explore in a student-friendly way.