Science Updates

  • Asteroid Watch

    Asteroid Watch 

    In this Science Update, you'll hear how a project of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Asteroid Watch, will allow citizens to track nearby asteroids online.

  • Wastewater Drug Mapping

    Wastewater Drug Mapping 

    In this Science Update, hear how testing wastewater for drugs may help scientists track regional changes in drug abuse.

  • Online Antiquities

    Online Antiquities 

    In this Science Update, found out how online auction sites have transformed the sale of ancient artifacts.

  • Not Dead Yet

    Not Dead Yet 

    Learn how chemical signals save Argentinian ants from being wrongly carted off for dead in this Science Update.

  • Computer Composer

    Computer Composer 

    Computers have been used in making music for decades now. This Science Update, however, discusses a new computer program that can generate an infinite amount of original music.

  • Like-Minded Media

    Like-Minded Media 

    A research study indicates that when it comes to news media, people prefer to look at information that reinforces their own beliefs.

  • Birdsong and Climate

    Birdsong and Climate 

    In this Science Update, you can learn how birds that live in more variable climates sing more sophisticated songs.

  • Life Light

    Life Light 

    Hear about how scientists attempt to detect the presence of extraterrestrial life from a great distance.

  • Sports Drinks

    Sports Drinks 

    The acidity in sports drinks wears down tooth enamel—and brushing can worsen the problem.

  • Instant Immunity

    Instant Immunity 

    Hear about a technique that creates all-purpose antibodies that can be activated at a moment's notice.

  • Giant Snake

    Giant Snake 

    A collection of vertebrae, or spinal bones, in modern-day Colombia led Bloch's team to make an inference about the climate in the prehistoric tropics.

  • Server Naps

    Server Naps 

    In this Science Update, find out if programming big computer servers to shut on and off in fractions of a second could save huge amounts of power.

  • Polarized Mirages

    Polarized Mirages 

    In this Science Update, learn why polarized light from shiny surfaces looks like water to insects.

  • Talking & Driving

    Talking & Driving 

    Several studies have found that hands-free cell phones affect drivers just as much as hand-held models.

  • Fish Food

    Fish Food 

    In this Science Update learn about how eating more small fish might actually help to protect their populations.

  • Thoreau's Plants

    Thoreau's Plants 

    In this Science Update, hear how researches are using Henry David Thoreau's plant journals to study climate change.

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Science Updates?

Science Updates are 60-second radio programs presenting current science research, which we explore in a student-friendly way.