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  • Breathing Video Games

    Breathing Video Games 

    Many kids with cystic fibrosis do a kind of breathing therapy called "huffing"—a series of sharp exhales to clear their airways. It's meant to be done several times a day, but kids get bored with it and slack off. This Science Update explores a study where kids with cystic fibrosis tried a video game-based breathing therapy to see if it would increase the rate at which the kids would do their huffing exercises.

  • Healing Honey

    Healing Honey 

    A kind of honey from New Zealand may reverse antibiotic resistance in wound infections.

  • Refreshing Judgments

    Refreshing Judgments 

    In this Science Update, find out why prisoners up for parole stand a better chance with a judge who's just had a meal break.

  • Everglades Pythons

    Everglades Pythons 

    A study of the stomach contents of non native Burmese pythons living in the Everglades shows how many different species the pythons have been poaching.

  • Blaming the Hero

    Blaming the Hero 

    This Science Update explores how victims are much more likely to be excused for bad behavior than heroes.

  • Popularity & Bullying

    Popularity & Bullying 

    In this Science Update, learn why kids tend to get more aggressive as they get more popular—up to a point.

  • Memory Tagging

    Memory Tagging 

    In this Science Update, hear how the brain may "tag" certain experiences for long-term storage during sleep.

  • Revised Periodic Table

    Revised Periodic Table 

    In this Science Update, hear about the first significant revision in over half a century to the Periodic Table of the Elements.

  • Androgynous Snails

    Androgynous Snails 

    This Science Update examines how, depending on the species, males and females may face different evolutionary pressures for mating.

  • Placebo Standards

    Placebo Standards 

    In this Science Update, learn about a recent report that calls for standardizing placebos.

  • Wasted Food Energy

    Wasted Food Energy 

    In this Science Update, hear how reducing food waste could translate into big energy savings.

  • Rail Space Launcher

    Rail Space Launcher 

    In this Science Update, find out why giving spacecraft a running start on a long rail may significantly reduce launch costs.

  • One-Sided Conversations

    One-Sided Conversations 

    In this Science Update, learn why overhearing one end of a cell phone conversation may distract you in ways that a two-way conversation wouldn't.

  • Tissue Regeneration

    Tissue Regeneration 

    In this Science Update, hear how newts have inspired a new technique for regenerating mammalian tissue.

  • Fearless Aphids

    Fearless Aphids 

    Researchers have tried breeding plants that produce a " false alarm" pheromone that will warn aphids to avoid them.

  • Changing Oceans

    Changing Oceans 

    According to a landmark study in the journal Science, climate change is transforming the world's oceans, at a potentially huge cost. You'll hear more about it in this Science Update.

  • Schizophrenia & Creativity

    Schizophrenia & Creativity 

    In this Science Update, find out about how the brains of healthy, creative people share some similarities with those of schizophrenic patients.

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