Science Updates

  • Changing IQ

    Changing IQ 

    Hear how some teenagers’ IQ scores changed significantly over a four-year period.

  • Gut Stem Cells

    Gut Stem Cells 

    Hear how overfeeding fruit flies sets off a chain reaction that makes their intestines grow.

  • Dolphin Healing

    Dolphin Healing 

    This Science Update explores how dolphins heal remarkably well after massive shark bites, and scientists want to know how they do it.

  • Promiscuous Finches

    Promiscuous Finches 

    In this Science Update, hear how promiscuity-related genes in finches may exist to solely benefit males.

  • Big Cold Animals

    Big Cold Animals 

    This Science Update explores a new explanation for why animals tend to grow larger at higher latitudes.

  • Asthma Patients

    Asthma Patients 

    This Science Update examines why some patients with "difficult-to-treat" asthma often turn out not to be taking their medication regularly.

  • Asparagus Odor

    Asparagus Odor 

    Chances are there's a kind of food you like that at least one friend finds disgusting, and vice versa. The same goes for smells. And while many factors undoubtedly affect our personal tastes, this Science Update examines how scientists are learning that things simply smell and taste different to different people.

  • Air Pollution & Pregnancy

    Air Pollution & Pregnancy 

    This Science Update examines how exposing pregnant women to a common air pollutant may impact their children's intelligence.

  • Theta Waves

    Theta Waves 

    Ever had the experience of trying to remember something and giving up—only to have it pop into your head later? Learn more in this Science Update.

  • Habitable Exoplanet

    Habitable Exoplanet 

    Scientists in France have identified the first planet beyond Earth that could support life as we know it.

  • Breathing Video Games

    Breathing Video Games 

    Many kids with cystic fibrosis do a kind of breathing therapy called "huffing"—a series of sharp exhales to clear their airways. It's meant to be done several times a day, but kids get bored with it and slack off. This Science Update explores a study where kids with cystic fibrosis tried a video game-based breathing therapy to see if it would increase the rate at which the kids would do their huffing exercises.

  • Healing Honey

    Healing Honey 

    A kind of honey from New Zealand may reverse antibiotic resistance in wound infections.

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Science Updates?

Science Updates are 60-second radio programs presenting current science research, which we explore in a student-friendly way.