Science Updates

  • Ancient Rocks

    Ancient Rocks 

    Ancient minerals are providing new information on the formation of our planet.

  • Robo Roaches

    Robo Roaches 

    Small, maneuverable robots based on cockroaches could be deployed in disaster zones to find human survivors.

  • Cooling from Nature

    Cooling from Nature 

    Engineers are designing more efficient cooling systems inspired by physical processes in nature.

  • 3D Tissue

    3D Tissue 

    3D scaffolding in cells helps scientists understand a patient’s cancer cells and personalize treatments.

  • Counting Crows

    Counting Crows 

    In this Science Update, students will learn how crows display impressive math prowess, using brain regions entirely different from those of mammals.

  • Seashell Design

    Seashell Design 

    Materials scientists are studying the structure of seashells to design stronger materials.

  • Pop Music Redux

    Pop Music Redux 

    Powerful computer tools are helping musicologists study the evolution of popular music.

  • Mountain Gorilla Genome

    Mountain Gorilla Genome 

    The genome of the critically endangered mountain gorilla provides clues to its genetic past as well as its prospects for future survival.

  • Waving to Aliens

    Waving to Aliens 

    Scientists are debating whether or not we should actively try to contact intelligent extraterrestrials.

  • Scorpion Medicine

    Scorpion Medicine 

    Toxins from scorpions could lead to new drugs for neuromuscular disorders and cardiovascular disease.

What Are

Science Updates?

Science Updates are 60-second radio programs presenting current science research, which we explore in a student-friendly way.