Science Updates

  • School Bus Fumes

    School Bus Fumes 

    In this Science Update, learn why school buses passengers might get the worst of air polluting fumes.

  • TV Bullies

    TV Bullies 

    In this Science Update, a study identifies several factors that influence a child’s chance of becoming a bully.

  • Camera Red-Eye

    Camera Red-Eye 

    Taking flash pictures of someone often gives their eyes a scary-looking red glow. You’ll find out why in this Science Update.

  • True or False

    True or False 

    In this Science Update, you'll hear about a study that suggests correcting false information can sometimes make matters worse.

  • Artificial Wetlands

    Artificial Wetlands 

    Golf courses are known as places of recreation. But some of them could someday double as water treatment facilities by providing artificial wetlands. In this Science Update, you will learn more about how wetlands help protect the environment.

  • Young Blood

    Young Blood 

    In this Science Update, hear how scientists are using young blood to revive aging muscles.

  • Finger Length

    Finger Length 

    This Science Update looks at the relationship of finger length to aggression.

  • Monkey Pay-Per-View

    Monkey Pay-Per-View 

    Scientists are figuring out what monkeys will pay to watch in order to gain a better understanding of human autism.

  • Music & Intelligence

    Music & Intelligence 

    A new book, by the inventor of the Palm Pilot, uses music to unravel the mysteries of human intelligence.

  • Newborn Screening

    Newborn Screening 

    In 2010, national standards were issued to help states align their newborn screening programs with modern health standards, technology, and practices.

  • Sardines


    In this Science Update, hear how the humble sardine could save the lives of countless sea creatures.

  • Quake Side Effects

    Quake Side Effects 

    In this Science Update, learn why days are now 3 millionths of a second shorter because of the earthquake that caused the tsunamis in southeast Asia.

  • Smart Gun

    Smart Gun 

    New Jersey became the first state to enact "smart gun" legislation. What does that mean? You'll find out in this Science Update.

  • Hoarding


    A specific part of the brain may be involved in hoarding behavior.

  • Tsunami Barriers

    Tsunami Barriers 

    In this Science Update, hear how human activities may be contributing to the devastation caused by tsunamis.

  • Fever Chill

    Fever Chill 

    This Science Update answers the question "Why do fevers give you chills?"

  • Body Temperature

    Body Temperature 

    Even a 90-degree summer day is cooler than your body temperature. So why does it feel so warm? You'll find out in this Science Update.

  • Tumbleweeds


    In this Science Update, hear why the Army should use tumbleweeds to clean up toxic waste.

  • Wasted Food

    Wasted Food 

    In this Science Update, hear how nearly half of America's food gets wasted.

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