Science Updates

  • Resilient Robots

    Resilient Robots 

    In this Science Update, learn why scientists have taught a robot to limp—and why that's actually a big step forward.

  • Precious Aglets

    Precious Aglets 

    In this Science Update, learn why the native Cubans Christopher Columbus met wanted to trade gold for the little aglets at the ends of his shoelaces.

  • Deadly Salmon Farms

    Deadly Salmon Farms 

    You would think that farming fish is a good way to protect wild fish. This Science Update looks at a study that shows that salmon farms may be killing wild salmon instead of saving them.

  • Gecko Feet

    Gecko Feet 

    This Science Update explains how scientists are trying to create artificial microfibers that act like gecko feet.

  • Race and Achievement

    Race and Achievement 

    In this Science Update, find out about a stunningly simple intervention that may make a big difference in academic achievement between racial groups.

  • Fossil Fuel Switch

    Fossil Fuel Switch 

    Learn about a thirty-year plan to replace 70 percent of our fossil fuels, using only current technologies like storable solar power, safer nuclear plants, and methanol from crop waste.

  • Snap Judgments

    Snap Judgments 

    Think first impressions don't matter? This Science Update discusses some research that shows that we form lasting opinions of people in just a fraction of a second.

  • Pennyless Pricing

    Pennyless Pricing 

    In this Science Update, find out if consumers would get ripped off if the government eliminated the penny.

  • Wal-Mart Effect

    Wal-Mart Effect 

    This Science Update examines the debate over whether Wal-Marts are good for local communities.

  • Backs to the Future

    Backs to the Future 

    How do you look forward to yesterday? You don't need a time machine: you just need to think more like the Aymara people of South America. You'll find out more about this phenomenon in this Science Update.

  • Adaptive Happiness

    Adaptive Happiness 

    This Science Update examines how Hurricane Katrina survivors got over the trauma of the hurricane surprisingly quickly.

  • Invisibility Cloaking

    Invisibility Cloaking 

    This Science Update discusses whether or not it might be possible to make an invisibility cloak like Harry Potter's.

  • Risk Remedies

    Risk Remedies 

    In this Science Update, learn if knowing a remedy exists to a risky behavior makes you less likely to avoid it.

  • Testosterone Tradeoff

    Testosterone Tradeoff 

    In this Science Update, a study finds that extra testosterone levels may give males birds advantages in mating but can also lead to other problems.

  • Cells in Reverse

    Cells in Reverse 

    Even all the plastic surgeons in Hollywood can’t turn back the hands of time. But scientists recently found a way to rewind a seemingly irreversible biological process.

  • Primitive Ape-Man

    Primitive Ape-Man 

    In this Science Update, hear about an important piece of the human family tree scientists recently found.

  • Beauty Bias

    Beauty Bias 

    Research shows that good-looking people tend to earn more, get better jobs, and even get better grades in school than their plainer counterparts. This Science Update explores a study that may help explain why.

  • Touchdown Decisions

    Touchdown Decisions 

    You may not think of pro football coaches as overly cautious. But according to a study, some of their decisions aren’t gutsy enough.

  • Crack Dynamics

    Crack Dynamics 

    We see cracks every day—on the sidewalk, in a wall, or in a window. But just because they’re common doesn’t mean they’re easy to study scientifically. You'll learn why in this Science Update.

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