Science Updates

  • Sprinter Advantage

    Sprinter Advantage 

    In this Science Update, hear why Olympic runners closest to the start gun may get a slight advantage.

  • Asteroid Deflection

    Asteroid Deflection 

    In this Science Update, you'll learn about the likelihood of asteroids smashing into the earth and what scientists are doing to try to prevent that from happening.

  • Astronaut Health Risks

    Astronaut Health Risks 

    Astronauts on long-term space missions may face health risks that their predecessors didn't have to worry about. These Science Update reports describe two of them.

  • Nitrogen Pollution

    Nitrogen Pollution 

    In this Science Update, learn why human sources of nitrogen may be just as environmentally costly as carbon emissions.

  • Platypus Genome

    Platypus Genome 

    In this Science Update, learn how scientists have sequenced the genetic code of one of nature's strangest animals.

  • Cell Phone Medicine

    Cell Phone Medicine 

    Developing countries often lack access to the kind of imaging systems we take for granted in the industrialized world. This Science Update discusses how cell phones may help alleviate this problem by bringing expensive medical devices to people in need.

  • Sensing Calories

    Sensing Calories 

    In this Science Update, find out if our brains may crave calories, not just the taste of sweetness.

  • Pushing Atoms

    Pushing Atoms 

    In this Science Update, learn how scientists have calculated the force it takes to move one atom.

  • Averaging Faces

    Averaging Faces 

    This Science Update examines the technology and work necessary to develop a face recognition program that would be accurate even in public settings.

  • Fungal Sex

    Fungal Sex 

    Fungi with a primitive sexuality may shed light on the origins of maleness.

  • Wine Waste

    Wine Waste 

    In this Science Update, hear how leftovers from winemaking could be used to fight dental plaque.

  • SETI at Home Upgrade

    SETI at Home Upgrade 

    SETI, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, is looking for more recruits to hunt for aliens with their home computers.

  • Appendix Purpose

    Appendix Purpose 

    The appendix is a two-to-four-inch-long, finger-like tube that dangles from the junction of the small and large intestine. For the past century or so, the appendix has seemed like nothing but trouble—at least in industrialized countries. You can learn why in this Science Update.

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Science Updates?

Science Updates are 60-second radio programs presenting current science research, which we explore in a student-friendly way.