Produced by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), Science NetLinks is an award-winning STEM education program for K-12 teachers, students, and parents. Science NetLinks has been developing resources since 1997. At Science NetLinks, you'll find lessons, interactives, news, and digital media—more than 2400 resources—and all of it is free!

Did you know?

Science NetLinks...

  • develops lessons, videos, interactives, apps, and podcasts
  • website has 3.5 million user sessions each year
  • has a new STEM career blog series, 5 Questions for a Scientist
  • has developed resources and a video that address the common core
  • has created two apps, Classify It! and Gravity Launch
  • promotes student-friendly AAAS news features every day
  • vodcasts from National Geographic’s BioBlitz every year, so teachers and students join our host’s adventures. - BioBlitz Resource Collection
  • publishes the STEM Event Roundup each week
  • website has won multiple awards (see below) 

What our users SAY

“As a AAAS member, I feel Science NetLinks has been and continues to be a critical 21st century science resource; its continued support is vital.” — Tim Gerber, Professor of Biology, University of Wisonsin—La Cross & AAAS Member

“Science NetLinks is the top-of-class, authentic, and engaging face of 21st century science learning and teaching because it is easy to teach from, yet comprehensively designed  to deliver the best science by the best, multimedia means. Written by child-centric, expert instructional designers, fact-checked by professional scientists, its comprehensive lesson modules and content are field tested by classroom teachers—and then revised if needed—before it ever reaches the classroom." — Anne Brataas, M.S., M.En.S., Science Teacher for the Minnesota Institute for Talented Youth & AAAS Member

“Science NetLinks is an excellent resource for me as a high school science teacher. I can easily search for lessons by grade level and subject matter. The lessons I find are fresh, inquiry-based, and emphasize reading scientific articles. The resources explain how to execute the lesson meaningfully and the ones that I have found have been well aligned to common core and literacy standards." — Marie Ferentz, Lane Tech College Prep High School, Chicago, IL


2013 Best Websites for Teaching & Learning by the American Association of School Librarians 

2012 Interactive Media Awards Best in Class in Education, Science/Technology, and Nonprofit

2012 W3 Silver Award