What's Bugging You?

What's Bugging You?


In this lesson, you'll learn about how some "bad" microorganisms can get into your body through what you eat.


Read Lesson One: What’s Bugging You? 

Scroll down and read the sections labeled Introduction and What is foodborne illness?

At the bottom of the page, click the next button to move to the next page. Continue clicking the next button at the bottom of each page until you read the final page (Wash your hands!).

As you’re reading, you should answer these questions on your What's Bugging You? student sheet:

  • What is foodborne illness?
  • What sorts of foods are "hotbeds" for foodborne pathogens? Why?
  • Who is at highest risk for foodborne illnesses? Why?
  • How do foods become contaminated?
  • What are the four main types of microorganisms?
  • What type of microorganism is the greatest threat to food safety?
  • Name some foods that "good" bacteria are used to make.
  • Under what conditions do bacteria thrive?
  • What is the most important thing you can do to prevent foodborne illness?

Knowledge Check

Now go to Lesson One: What's Bugging you? Achievement Test.

Important: DO NOT fill in the boxes with your last name and phone number.

Answer the 24 questions and submit to get your results.

Then answer tthese questions:

  • What was your score?
  • What questions did you get wrong?
  • Go back and try those questions again.
  • Did your score improve?

This esheet is a part of the Microbes 1: What's Bugging You? lesson.

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