What Happened to the Mammoths?

What Happened to the Mammoths?


You have probably heard about the mammoths. But do you know how they became extinct? Were you aware that there were more than one species of mammoth? The activities in this lesson will help you examine the evidence for evolution using the woolly mammoth and related species, of which there happens to be a sizable fossil record.


Visit the Woolly Mammoth website to read a brief description about the woolly mammoth. Be prepared to respond to these questions:

  • When did the woolly mammoths live?
  • How big were the woolly mammoths?
  • When did they die out?
  • Where were they found?
  • How do we know about them?
  • Are there any animals today that are like the woolly mammoth?

So Many Mammoths:
Go to the Mammoth Migration Map website. As you explore this resource, answer the questions on the student sheet, What Happened to the Mammoths?

Mammoth Extinction:
Go to the Mammoth Discovery website to complete the Evolution and Extinction of Mammoths student sheet.

Knowledge Check

Go to the Mammals' Family Tree website. Scroll your mouse over the illustration to learn more about the evolution of mammals. As you explore the website, think about your answers to these questions, which you can record on the Mammoths and other Mammals student sheet:

  • What were the earliest mammals like?
  • How are the early Therians different from the earlier mammals?
  • How did the Placental mammals differ from mammals that came before them?
  • To which group did the mammoths belong?
  • Which living species are most related to the mammoths?
  • What three groups of animals can also be found in the same branch as the elephant?

This esheet is a part of the The Rise and Fall of the Mammoths lesson.

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