What Can I Do?

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Have you ever had a problem with a friend that was hard to solve? Has a friend ever hurt your feelings? Do you think you have ever hurt someone else's feelings and didn't even know it?

You are not alone. Everyone has had times like these. Sometimes people get upset, and that is OK. Let's learn about some things we can do when we are upset and having a problem.


Go to Out on a Limb to hear a story about a problem between Maria and Josh. To move through the site, click on the red arrow at the bottom of the page.

When you get to the page where you ask Maria what she would do to solve her problem, click on each of the choices to see what happens. After you hear all three choices, stop, and check with your teacher. Let’s learn some more about the different feelings people have. Go to Feelings to see a short movie about all the different feelings people can have. Remember that everyone has both pleasant and unpleasant feelings, but we can choose how we act.
Check in with your teacher.

Knowledge Check

Now that you have learned about feelings and how you can solve problems with your friends, your teacher needs your help. Your teacher would like to have a book about feelings and solving problems for the classroom. This book will be available for students who want to learn more about the think and share choice.

Your job is to make one page for this book. Write a story about the think and share choice. Use words or pictures or both for your story. Make sure your story includes a feeling. You can choose a feeling from the website or think of one of your own. Remember, your story will become part of a class book to help other students learn about the think and share choice!

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