What Can Data Tell Us?

What Can Data Tell Us?


What kinds of questions can you answer using data? Do these activities to practice collecting and studying data.


First, go to the Tower of Hanoi activity. In this game, you must transfer a stack of discs between three poles, moving only one disc at a time. Then, you must reassemble the entire stack of discs on a new pole, without allowing a larger disc to rest on top of a smaller one at any time.

Before you begin to play the game, read the instructions on the page. Begin by using the number of discs (three) provided. Once you have completed the task with three discs, try playing the game using four.

Record the number of moves it takes to solve the puzzle on the What Can Data Tell Us? student sheet provided by your teacher.

Now go to Sample Size. Read the page you go to and then the next two pages. So you will read pages 5, 6, and 7. (The page numbers are in the upper left corner.)

Then, go to Median, on the same tutorial. Read the page and then the next four pages. So you will read pages 18-21.

When your teacher instructs you, go to the Cereal Box Problem Simulation. Run the simulation using the sample size you have chosen and record the results on the What Can Data Tell Us? student sheet.

This esheet is a part of the What Can Data Tell Us? lesson.

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