Virtual Pond Dip

Virtual Pond Dip


You've collected pond water in a jar and sketched what you saw in the water when you looked at it with a microscope. Now it's time to find out what lives in pond water and what you might have seen. See if anything looks familiar in the sites below.


Discover what lives in a drop of pond water by exploring A Virtual Pond Dip. Once at the site, scroll down the page to see the jar of pond water. Move the mouse over the images in the jar to see the names of the organisms (the names will appear in pop-up windows).

Clicking on any of the organisms will take you to a page of information on that organism. Go ahead and click on a couple of the organisms to learn more about them.

Now visit the Pond Life Identification Kit. This site has a table that lists some microorganisms. Spend about 10 minutes reading about some of the microorganisms that might be found in a pond. If you want to get more information on a group, click on the name of the group (like protozoa). This will take you to another page that lists members of that group.

See if you can find any of the organisms that you saw under the microscope. If you can, go to your notebook and label your drawings with the names of the organisms. Compare your drawings and your observations. Be sure to take notes about how the organisms function, survive, and other interesting information.

Finally, visit the Virtual Pond Dip. Here you can read more about the organisms that you have observed.

Knowledge Check

Here is your chance to pretend to be one of the organisms you have observed! Imagine that the classroom is actually the pond you visited earlier and that you are an organism that your teacher has assigned. Move and squirm about as you think the organism would move. You can review your notes about the organism or go back and review the Pond Life Identification Kit or the Virtual Pond Dip websites to more information. Be prepared to answer questions like these:

  • Please describe your appearance.
  • How do you move? (Demonstrate.)
  • What part of the pond do you live in?
  • What do you do or need to survive?
  • What else can you tell me about yourself?

This esheet is a part of the Pond 2: Life in a Drop of Pond Water lesson.

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