Using QR Codes in Forensic Science

Using QR Codes in Forensic Science


In this lesson, you get to examine evidence from a crime scene at your school and determine who is responsible for stealing the school mascot. To do so, you will use your mobile technology to read QR codes and examine the evidence. Use the resources on this esheet to help you get and learn how to use QR codes.


First, listen to Hair Color Forensics, which explains how scientists can now determine hair color from a person's DNA.

See if you can anwer these questions:

  • Why is this a breakthrough?
  • How do you think this new technique will help detectives solve crimes?

To learn more about QR codes, go to and read Three Ways to Make Useful QR Codes for Your Students, which explains how to download and use QR codes.

There are many QR code apps. In order to download the app at Get QR Droid, you need to have an account with Google. On your mobile device, go to Google Play and search for QR Droid. Install the app onto your device. Once you have the app, all you need to do to use it is open the app and point your device at the QR code so the app can read it. The app will read the code and provide a link to the website it represents. Tap "OK" to go to the site.

To download an app for iphones, go to QR Reader for iPhone. Or, search for the app in the App Store on your iPhone. Install the app and then open it to use it to scan the QR code by pointing your iPhone at the code so the app can read it. Tap "OK" to go to the site.

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