Uncovering the Facts

Uncovering the Facts Photo Credit: Clipart.com


You have been exploring facts about dinosuars that scientists have discovered from studying fossils. Now you have a chance to uncover some facts yourself by looking at various pages on the Zoom Dinosaurs site.


Go to the Tyrannosaurus rex page and look for facts and support. Many facts with support can be found within these headings:

  • Introduction

  • Skeleton

  • What T. rex Ate

  • Hunting, Fighting

  • Intelligence, Care of Young

  • Running

  • Disease in T. rex

  • T. rex Myths

  • Extinction

Try to find at least a couple facts from each heading.

Now go to these sites to find some good pictures of a Protoceratops:

Knowledge Check

You should now use the information you've gathered to construct a Protoceratops trading card. This card can be designed on the computer or by hand. On the front—a picture of a Protoceratops. On the back—facts about the Protoceratops. Cards should also include explanations for why the facts are believed to be true.


You can look for other facts about Protoceratops and use those facts as well, as long as support can be given for the fact. Some good sites you can use for this include:

This esheet is a part of the Fossils 2: Uncovering the Facts lesson.

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