The Wild Trees

The Wild Trees


In this lesson, you will read a book called The Wild Trees by Richard Preston. It tells the story of a group of modern-day explorers who dared to climb the world's tallest trees and in the process discovered the fascinating world of the temperate rain-forest canopy.



Begin your exploration by viewing a slide show of images of these magnificent trees at Photo Tour: Giant Sequoia. You can begin the tour by clicking on the first photo in the collection.

Now listen to a podcast interview with Richard Preston, author of The Wild Trees, as he shares some stories about writing the book and his own adventures climbing the giant trees.

Knowledge Check

Write an essay using one of these possible topics:

  • Describe what is known and what is yet unknown about giant redwoods.
  • Discuss the role of hard work, imagination, and chance in the work of the researchers that study giant redwoods.
  • Describe the ecosystem that is found on the redwood tree canopies. What was surprising about some of the things that the researchers discovered?

This esheet is a part of the The Wild Trees lesson.

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