The Water Cycle

The Water Cycle Photo Credit: Science NetLinks


Can you believe that the water here on earth has been around about as long as the earth? That’s because of something called the water cycle. You will get to find out more about this amazing process by doing the activities on this sheet.


Begin by visiting Round & Round It Goes! The Water Cycle website. Click on each of the different parts of the water cycle to learn more about it. As you learn about each part of the water cycle, answer the questions on the Round and Round It Goes! student sheet.

Read the Model Water Cycle student sheet to find out about the water cycle model activity you’ll do in class.

Knowledge Check

Use the materials provided by your teacher to create a water cycle poster that shows how the process you have been assigned works. You can use your notes and the websites you have already visited as resources. When finished, you will be asked to explain how the process works.

This esheet is a part of the The Water Cycle lesson.

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