The Invisible Kingdom


You can try to ignore microbes but they won't ignore you. Wouldn't it be better to understand them? Sure some microbes can make you sick, but other microbes bring you cheese and bread. They help to recycle nutrients back into the environment and even help us to digest our food. Increasingly, the study of microbes also is offering promising solutions to some of modern life's most difficult problems. In this lesson, you will read a lively and entertaining introduction to the world of microbes that may just change the way you think about them!


Before you begin reading, watch the Savage Yard video segment on microbes. Why does Savage Yard host Bob Hirshon say that we owe our very life to bacteria?

Now you will continue to read The Invisible Kingdom on your own. Use the Invisible Kingdom Reading Log to guide you in your reading. The reading log also will guide you in preparing a class assignment based on the book.

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