Team Moon

Team Moon


This lesson uses a book called Team Moon: How 400,000 People Landed Apollo 11 on the Moon to help you understand challenges faced by the planners, designers, builders, etc. of the Apollo 11 mission team. The book, along with the resources on this esheet, will introduce you to the range of careers that involve science and technology.


A good way to get a feel for what a space mission is like, and the types of problems encountered by the scientists, engineers, and astronauts involved in the mission, would be to watch some clips from the Apollo 13 movie. To do this, go to Apollo 13: Mission and Movie, a 30-minute talk with Tom Hanks, Gene Krantz, and Jim Lovell and a few short film clips.

If your teacher asks, you could also go to Soviet Race to the Moon to put the Apollo project into a historical context.

Finally, to get a sense of the very real danger of the Apollo missions, you could visit one of these three sites:

Listen to the podcast interview with Team Moon author Catherine Thimmesh and think about answers these questions. You will discuss them in class.

  • What did the author want to achieve with her book?
  • How did she organize the book?
  • What were some challenges the author faced?
  • How did she research the book?
  • What understanding does she want her audience to come to after reading Team Moon?

Next, read Team Moon by Catherine Thimmesh and answer the questions found on the Team Moon student sheet.

With your group, you should research one of the behind-the-scenes members of the Apollo 11 mission. The websites below can be consulted for research. Fill out the Apollo 11 student sheet using your research and present your findings to the class.

Johnson Space Center Oral History Project (choose one from the following list):

Other Websites referenced in Team Moon:

Other helpful websites:

This esheet is a part of the Team Moon lesson.

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