Sunburn, Sunscreen, and Cancer

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In this part of the lesson, you will look more closely at the link between sun exposure and sunburn. 


To begin, go and read Skin Cancer and Sunlight from the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health & Safety. As you are reading, look for answers to these questions. You will discuss them in class:

  • How does sunlight affect the skin?
  • What is sunburn?
  • How does the sun affect the aging process of the skin?
  • How does the sun affect skin cancer?
  • What types of skin cancer are linked to sunlight exposure?
  • What factors affect a person's risk?
  • Does skin pigment affect the ability to tan?

In this section, you should use the information you find from the following resources to fill in the table on the Sun Exposure student sheet.

First, read Sunburn on the Wikipedia site, which provides a description of sunburns and their effects. Outline the article or take notes.

Then, fill in your location on the student sheet and choose three other locations from around the world by going to the Erythemal UV index. This website forecasts the UV index for any given location at local solar noon over an eight-day period under clear-sky conditions. Find the UV-index for your location and the three other locations around the globe for today by clicking on the “list of place names” or “clickable map.”

Go to the Time to Sunburn, choose your skin type, and enter the UV index in the box provided. How long does it take you to get a sunburn in each location? Fill in this information on the activity sheet under Time in Sun. Answer the questions at the bottom.

Knowledge Check

You and your group should choose one of the following areas to create a public service announcement that will aid people in learning more about the dangerous effects of the sun. Your group will create a poster, design a billboard, write and perform a song, produce a video, or write and perform a radio public service announcement that will educate people. Your presentation can include information from all or just one of these areas:

Create at least five questions your presentation should address. Choose a media which your group will use to present your information. Create a rough draft of the content and check with your teacher before proceeding.

Present final projects to the class and be prepared to answer class questions.

This esheet is a part of the Sunburn, Sunscreen, and Cancer lesson.

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