The Story Behind Acne

The Story Behind Acne


In this activity you will learn more about your skin, the causes of acne and the most effective ways of treating it.


Go to the You & Your Skin resource. Visit the four main sections of the resource by clicking on each of the four quadrants on the inner circle, including: Function, Anatomy, Proection, and Care.

When you click on one of the main sections, you'll be taken to an enlarged view of that section, which contains several subsections represented by the highlighted ring around the circle. Roll your mouse over the ring to see the subsections. To go to one of the subsections, simply click on it. To move from one of the main sections to another, simply click on one of the red arrows found by the ring.

For more information on the skin, click on the Learn More section. If you choose, you can do the Skin Assessment to test your skin knowledge.

Important note: Be sure to take notes as you read each of the resources in this lesson!

Answer the questions below when you are finished reading. You can record your answers on the Skin Care: Acne student sheet.

  • What does your skin do for you?
  • How are the epidermis and subcutaneous tissue different?
  • What is melanin? In which layer of skin can it be found?
  • What is the best way to treat insect bites?
  • Which is better to wash your face with your hands or a towel? Why?
  • What are some ways to keep you skin healthy?

Next, visit Bursting myths about acne to read about common myths about the causes and best treatments for acne. As you read the article, take notes on key terms, ideas, and concepts presented in the article.

When you are finished, answer these questions on the Skin Care: Acne student sheet.

  • What measures did Grant take to control his acne problem?
  • According to the article, what really causes acne?
  • Are young males or females more likely to have severe acne?
  • What are blackheads? Whiteheads? Papules? Pustules? Nodules?
  • What other myths about acne are revealed in this article?
  • What treatment is recommended for mild-to-severe cases of acne?
  • What approach is suggested to help prevent the spread of acne?

Now go to MEDLINEplus X-Plain Patient Education Institute to learn more about acne. Click on the "Instructions" icon to learn how to use and click through this website. When you’re ready to begin, click the "Start the Module" icon. As you read through each of the sections, answer the questions on your Acne Questionnaire. Be prepared to discuss what you have learned when you are finished.

Knowledge Check

Using what you've learned about skin care and acne, answer the questions in this online lesson assessment: Your Pimple Knowledge. As an alternative, you can answer these same questions using the printable Your Pimple Knowledge lesson assessment sheet.

This esheet is a part of the Skin Care: Acne lesson.

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