Skin and Sports

Skin and Sports


From cuts and scrapes to sunburn and frostbite, your skin can be very vulnerable when you are playing sports or engaging in outdoor activities. The more you know about the risks, the better you are able to protect your skin. This activity will help you do just that.


Start by reading Play to Win for Healthy Skin to learn about the physical and environmental agents that can harm the skin.

As you read, think about which agents affect players of the sport your group has been assigned and discuss your ideas with the members of your group.

Then work together to fill in your Skin and Sports Trainer student sheet.

Knowledge Check

Working in pairs, create a brochure or poster focused on a sport other than the five the class already investigated. Your brochure or poster should cover the potential risks the sport poses to healthy skin and ways to avoid them. Be prepared to display your creation on the bulletin board.

This esheet is a part of the Skin and Sports lesson.

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