Renewable Energy Sources

Renewable Energy Sources


In this lesson, you will investigate and evaluate renewable energy sources.


To start your investigation, you should read these articles about renewable energy:

Once you have read these articles, answer these questions on your Costs and Benefits of Renewable Energy student sheet:

  • There were five sources of renewable energy described in this article. What are they?
  • What are the sources of nonrenewable energy (fossil fuels) described in these articles? 
  • What are the benefits of using renewable energy technologies? 
  • According to the table in the Your Guide to Renewable Energy, which energy resource is the least expensive? Which one is the most expensive? 
  • Why aren't some renewable resources widely accepted today?

Using your Renewable Energy Resources student sheet to guide you, you and your team are responsible for researching one of the following: Solar; Wind; Geothermal; Biomass; or Hydropower systems. You could use any of the following online resources, as well as any others you find appropriate. You also could use print resources available in the classroom or library.

  • Renewable Energy, part of Energy Kid's Page from the Department of Energy, offers a basic introduction to each energy resource. 
  • Learning About Renewable Energy provides more in-depth information. 
  • Energy Story has a chapter devoted to each type of renewable energy. 
  • The U.S. Department of Energy's Frequently Asked Questions page allows students with specific questions to contact specialists from the Energy Information Administration by using a tool found on the right side of the page near the middle (students will have to scroll down the page).

This esheet is a part of the Renewable Energy Sources lesson.

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