Reaction Time

Reaction Time


Now that you've talked about situations when you've had to react quickly, you'll get a chance to test your reaction times with several activites.


Play Fastball Reaction Time to discover your hitting ability when a fastball is pitched your way. First read the What's Going On? section. Then click on the Continue button to read how to play the game.

Remember: One student will be up to bat, while the other records the response times on the batter's Reaction Time Data Sheet. The first batter will hit ten times in a row and then it will be the other batter's turn.

Once both batters have taken all ten swings, look over the times and think about the analysis question on your data sheet.

Now go to How Fast are You? and participate in another activity that tests your reaction time. Read the instructions for this activity, then wait for your teacher to review and discuss the activity before continuing.

Remember: It takes two people to do this reaction time test, but the person catching the ruler is the one being tested. Once you catch the ruler, hold on to it while your partner records the distance and the reaction time on the Reaction Time Data Sheet. Each of you will test your reaction time ten times.

Once both of you have completed the test and recorded your distance and times, look over your data and think about the analysis question on your data sheet.

This esheet is a part of the Reaction Time 1: How Fast Are You? lesson.

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