Power Play

Power Play


In this activity you'll learn to build machines by connecting parts to link the power source with a job that needs to get done. You will have to put the parts of the machine together in the right order to get the machine to work properly.


Lots of things make use of energy in order to work. Cars, toasters, lights, planes, and radios are all examples of things that make use of energy.

Visit the Using and Saving Energy website to learn more about the kinds of things that make use of energy. Use your Uses of Energy student sheet as a guide to explore the site.

Be prepared to discuss what you have read and make connections between the types of energy and the machines or jobs that they power.

Next, go to Power Play and click on "Start." To learn how to play this game, click on the "?" (How to Play) and the "!" (Learn More) buttons on the lower, right side of the screen. Read each section carefully. Click "Back" and the up and down arrow keys to move around in each of these sections.

Be prepared to answer questions about the activity, such as:

  • What do machines need to work?
  • Can you think of any machines that work without energy?
  • What kinds of things can we do with energy?

Play the activity as many times as you like to be sure you have a good understanding of what is happening and have succeeded in correctly building each of the four machines using different energy sources. Complete the How Does it Run? student sheet as you work through the activity.

Now it's your turn to build your own machine, or system, that transforms energy to complete a job. Once you have been placed in a group, your teacher will assign one of the projects below.






This esheet is a part of the Power Play lesson.

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