Pottery Quest


In this activity, you will learn that the production of ceramic pottery requires detailed knowledge of the physical properties of different clays and tempering materials, as well as knowledge about how these combine and react under specific firing conditions.


Click on the Pottery link at the History of Invention Timeline to learn more about the history of pottery.

Start your exploration by going to the introduction to Gather Around this Pot…Continue your exploration of ancient pottery by reading these sections of this website:

Answer these questions as you read through the sections (you can record your answers to these questions on the Gather Around this Pot student sheet):

  • What understanding is at the root of making pottery?
  • According to the article, what was the most important use of ceramic pots?
  • What were the main types of materials used by the ancient potters of Canada?
  • What two manufacturing techniques have been discovered by archaeologists? What were the advantages of each?
  • Were the decorations significant? Why or why not?

Knowledge Check

Now view the Pottery Quest slide show found at the top of this page. This slide show contains four pottery images taken from the virtual exhibit, Gather Around this Pot… Look at the pottery photos and then locate each at the online exhibit. Once you have located the pot online, complete the corresponding chart on the Pottery Quest student sheet.

This esheet is a part of the Pottery 1: Pottery Quest lesson.

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