Plugging into Energy

Plugging into Energy


In this activity, you will learn about the sources of the energy that supply your community. You will explore where the energy comes from, how it is transported, and the uses to which it is put.


To learn more about where the energy in your state comes from and how it is used in your community, work with a partner and access State Energy Profiles on the Energy Information Administration site. Click on the link for your state and read the quick facts. Carefully examine the state map and use the key to identify the types of energy available, including the potential for developing renewable energy sources.

As you look at this resource, work with your partner to answer the questions in the Energy Sources section of the Your State’s Energy Scorecard student sheet.

Knowledge Check

Now use the State Energy Profiles resource to research energy sources and use in a different part of the country. Be sure to choose a state that has a climate that is different from the one in which you live. You can use the Energy Sources and Use student sheet to help you as you research the state.

Once you have the information for that state, create a poster where you compare and contrast the energy data from your state with the energy data from the other state. Be prepared to share the information with your class. Now click on the "Overview" hyperlink at the top of the page and read the detailed information about your state's energy sources. To explore how your state uses this energy, click on the "Data" link and then scroll down the page until you come to the Consumption section. Read the chart, paying particular attention to the by Source section and the by End-Use Sector section. You should work with your partner to answer the questions in the Energy Consumption section of the student sheet.Stop and wait for your teacher’s instructions.

This esheet is a part of the Energy for You lesson.

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