Parts of a System

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In this activity you'll explore the different parts of a system learn how they work together.


Visit the Inventor’s Toolbox website to learn more about simple machines. Be sure to look for parts found on your group’s device.

Go to Gadget Anatomy to see if you can identify the simple machines used in a few everyday devices.

Now visit the How Stuff Works website and search for devices with elements that are similar to your group's device. Choose one device and respond to these questions (you can write your answers to these questions on the Parts of a System student sheet):

  • What is the function of this system as a whole?
  • What are the essential parts of the system?
  • What are the functions of these parts?
  • Do they perform the same function in both devices?
  • Would this device function if one of the elements were removed? Which element could be removed?
  • Could the same basic elements be organized a different way to perform different functions?
  • Is it possible to enhance this device by adding another element?

Knowledge Check

Now that you have designed a system using various parts, complete a journal entry that includes these components:

  • Document/show notes on the development process
  • Sketch the final design
  • Label the essential parts
  • Write about any challenges you faced during the process
  • Write about any improvements you would make if you had access to unlimited materials.

If you found this interesting, you could look around your house for devices/machines that have the essential parts you learned about in this activity. Sketch and label them in your science journal.

This esheet is a part of the Systems 1: Simple Machines lesson.

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