Outdoor Science Lab for Kids

Outdoor Science Lab for Kids


Have you ever wondered what types of living things live in the ecosystems that surround you—like your school playground, your own backyard, or a nearby park? You can do the activities in the Outdoor Science Lab for Kids book to help you learn more about the living things near you. Use the resources on this sheet to help you answer the questions on your Ecosystems & Invertebrates student sheet.


Watch Ecosystems from Scholastic. Then, read page 109. Both the book and the video provide a basic review of what an ecosystem is. 

Answer these questions on your student sheet:

  • What is an ecosystem?
  • What does an ecosystem consist of?
  • What do “abiotic” and “biotic” mean?
  • Why are healthy ecosystems important?

Read page 35 with your students and the first paragraph of the Encyclopedia of Life Invertebrate webpage. Answer these questions on your student sheet:

  • What characterizes invertebrates?
  • How many of the animal species we know today are invertebrates?
  • What animals are invertebrates?
  • Which of these invertebrates can you find on land? And which ones might live in your backyard?

This esheet is a part of the Outdoor Science Lab for Kids lesson.

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