The Odyssey of KP2


In this lesson, you will read a book called The Odyssey of KP2: An Orphan Seal, a Marine Biologist, and the Fight to Save a Species, by Terrie Williams. Use the resources on this sheet to learn more about Terrie Williams and her research with monk seals.


Before you read The Odyssey of KP2, watch the Interview with Terrie Williams, above, to learn more about her research with Hawaiian monk seals. As you watch this video, think about your answers to these questions (you can record your answers on the Interview with Terrie Williams student sheet):

  • How did KP2 come into Williams' life?
  • What did Williams learn about the physiology of monk seals and how did these conclusions shift the research team's plans for KP2?
  • What did Williams mean when she said KP2 was a "sign from the ocean"?
  • How is KP2 an ambassador for the species?
  • What was it like to write the book for Williams?
  • What does Williams think of her job?

Before going on to Part III: Survival, watch the video, Terrie Williams Reads from The Odyssey of KP2. In this video, Williams reads from pp. 202-204 of the book.

This esheet is a part of the The Odyssey of KP2 lesson.

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