The Octopus Scientists

The Octopus Scientists


Have you ever wondered what octopuses are really like? How they get around? Why they change color? Use the resources on this sheet to begin your exploration.


Watch two videos: one where an octopus escapes an Australian aquarium and another where an octopus unscrews the lid of a jar it is trapped in. Afterwards, answer the discussion questions on your Octopus Scientists student sheet and be prepared to discuss in class.

Octopus Escaping from Jar

  • What special feature did the octopus use to escape the jar?
  • Why didn’t the octopus leave the jar once it was open?
  • What other way might the octopus have used to escape the jar?

Inky Escapes Aquarium

  • Why do you think Inky left the aquarium?

Knowledge Check

Go to The Octopus Scientists Assessment to assess your reading capabilities, understanding of the scientific process, and critical thinking ability.

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