Nature and Nurture

Nature and Nurture


People can be described in terms of their traits. Some traits are inherited and others result from interactions with the environment. This activity will help you develop an understanding of the role played by nature (our genes) and nurture (the environment in which we live and the things that happen to us) in defining who we are and what it means to be human.


Go to A Nature and Nurture Walk in Mendel Park on the American Museum of Natural History’s Ology site.

Read the introductory page that describes terms like “nature” and “nurture.”

After you have read this page, click on the “Solve the Genetic Riddle” button to go to an interactive activity where you will answer questions about nature and nurture to solve the riddle.

Be sure to read the “How to Play” directions before you begin the activity. You have to find all of the green stars to be able to solve the genetic riddle. Good luck!

This esheet is a part of the Nature and Nurture lesson.

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