In this activity, you will consider many different aspects about lying—what it is, why we do it, and how we do it. You will also explore whether or not technology has changed our ideas or opinions about lying.


Have you ever told a lie? How did you feel? What happened? To learn a bit more about lying and why people do it, take a look at the resource, All About Lying (Honest!). As you are reading, answer the questions from your All About Lying (Honest!) student sheet. Be prepared to discuss and apply what you have learned.

Knowledge Check

Go to either the Science Update, Lying on Email, or Phone Fibbing.

Begin by reading the Introduction section. When finished, click on the “audio file” link and listen to the Science Update. While you listen, you can read the Transcript of the audio file to gain a better understanding of what is being reported.

After that, read the Making Sense of the Research section and answer the discusssion questions at the end.

When finished, write a one-paragraph discussion of what scientists discovered and the methods they used based on what you learned from reading and discussing the material from the All About Lying (Honest!) resource. Also state whether you think the conclusions drawn from the experiments are valid and indicate why or why not.

This esheet is a part of the Lying lesson.

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