Louis Pasteur—a Microbe Discoverer

Louis Pasteur—a Microbe Discoverer Photo credit: Clipart.com


This lesson focuses on Louis Pasteur and his discovery of microorganisms. It also focuses on Pasteur’s discovery of pasteurization and how that discovery has been important in preventing food-borne illness. The resources here will help you explore these concepts.


As you read the following articles, use the student sheet, Fact Collecting, to take notes.

Learn why a juice company began recalling its products from store shelves. Read the article Pressing Risk to further address the question: Why is pasteurization important?

How did scientists make the connection between microbes and illness? Read the first two pages of Microbes and Disease: Making the Link to learn about the connection and what tools aided in the detection of microbes.

Knowledge Check

Read more about Louis Pasteur and answer these questions in your science notebook.

  • What animal diseases did Pasteur study in order to prove microorganisms were involved?
  • Pasteur lived in the 1800’s. How do you think his discoveries were received during this century?

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