Insects in Their Environment

Insects in Their Environment


This lesson gives you the chance to learn about how insects depend on dead plant matter for food and how they interact with other organisms. You will explore how various organisms satisfy their needs in the environments in which they are typically found.


To begin, go to Insects on the ThinkQuest website to read a brief description of insects.

Now watch part of the Let’s Talk About Insects slideshow. You will start at slide 35. You should view only slides 35-43 (stop after you read the slide called “Do I Bug You?”). You should follow the directions that you hear on each slide. To move from one slide to another, click “NEXT” found on the bottom right side of the screen.Check with your teacher before continuing.

Select an insect that feeds off dead trees/debris and do some research on the Internet!

You can use these sites on insects to help you with your research:

You will want to get a photo of your insect and answer the questions on your Insect Explorers research sheet so that you can tell your classmates a little about the insect you chose to research.

This esheet is a part of the Cycle of Life 2: Food Webs lesson.

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