Studying the Impacts of Teen Drinking

Studying the Impacts of Teen Drinking


The focus of this lesson is on understanding the social ramifications of alcohol abuse. To help you gain this understanding, you will now design an alcohol abuse prevention program for your peers. The online resources referred to on this esheet will help you as you do your research.


 To learn more about how drinking too much alcohol can affect people, go to the Stories About Kids section of The Science Inside Alcohol Project e-book. Once you've read the stories, answer these questions (you can write your answers on the Studying the Impacts of Teen Drinking student sheet):

  • Overall, what do these stories tell you about teens and alcohol abuse?
  • What do you think about the story about Ciara Stein? Do you think her research makes a difference for how police use breathalizers?
  • How did Kat's family background affect how she treated alcohol?
  • What other factors contributed to Kat abusing alcohol and other drugs?
  • What finally helped Kat turn her life around?
  • In the How to Save a Life story, what factors contributed to Sandy's abuse of alcohol and drugs?
  • What tactics did his parents use to help him? Did they work?
  • What do you think of such tactics?

To learn how alcohol affects the body, go to these resources:

For more detailed information about the importance of prevention, consider these resources:

For information about programs, check out these resources:

For sample educational materials, see these sites:

This esheet is a part of the The Social Ramifications of Alcohol Abuse lesson.

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